On 8th-12th May, the project meeting in the framework of  Erasmus+ project «Development and implementation of the Master's program «Green Logistic Management»: promotion of Trans-European accessibility through sustainable logistics management and competence in the field of ICTs» was held in Linkoping, Sweden hosted by Linkoping University, Department of Management and Engineering for Kazakhstan participants (Caspian University, Kostanay State University and Rudny Industrial Institute).

         The meeting aimed at pedagogical inspiration to partners from Kazakhstan and progress overview achieved at curricula development of the master program at Kazakhstan partner universities.

         The meeting program included pedagogical sessions, regarding logistics education at Linkoping University with a special focus on the courses given by the Division of Logistics and Quality Management. Presentations of different projects and initiatives concerning sustainable logistics at LiU were made as well as demonstration of an IT based tool used for evaluating of the environmental impact of transports, CDIO concept presentation applied to logistics.

        During pedagogical sessions some activities referred to active, experimental learning showing its implementation in courses at LiU. Participants were actively involved in a course session getting a practical exercise with the “Lean Production Game”, simulating a manufacturing process and the “Beer game”, illustrating dynamic effects that might occur in a supply chain.

        At Liu/Campus Norrkoping, Division of Communication and Transport Systems related programs and courses oriented towards public transportation, goods transportation and logistics were offered. There was also organized a visit to Visualization Centre C in Norrkoping, a research and scientific center, conducting a unique mix of leading visualization research and public outreach activities. The center hosts a large scale-arena for public visits and events including media labs, interactive exhibitions and an immersive 3D dome theatre.



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