«Linkoping University, Sweden - 2017»

Active and experiential learning (Björn O)                                  

Assignment in total cost analysis

Beer Game 

CDIO presentation 170509 (Björn O) 

Division of Communications 

Furnitura - a cost and service case

Furnitura Manufacturing - Teachers notes 

LiU and the LogQual Division 170509 (Mats)

Logistics and Transportation 

Logistics Education at LiU 170509 (Björn O) 

Meeting introduction 170508 (Björn O)

ÖMSAB - a total cost assignment in a bigger case

Oskarsson, Open-Ended Cases (Proceedings EuroSoTL 2017)

Quality Coffee (Bonnie P)

Sustainable Logistics LiU (Maria HB)

Sustainable logistics systems

Implementation of ERASMUS+

Рекомендации по эффективной реализации проектов ERASMUS+






EU/International impact level

               Addressing EU identified problems and priorities (i.e. “Smart, Green and Integrated Transport”, “facilitating closer regional cooperation between partner countries and the EU, particularly in transport, higher education and environmental sectors) LogOn-U will enhance in the long run perspective educational level of eco-sustainable Logistics services in partner universities and provide a solid supply of competent specialist in this area, also making East-West Transport Corridor more green and efficient. Improving educational deficits in the partner countries will promote interconnections between the EU and Eastern neighbouring countries (KZ and RU) and will indirectly contribute to remove the barriers with regard to transport infrastructure and market integration aspects.


National level impact level

              Political and public awareness of the problems addressed will be raised, i.e. more public and political attention in KZ and RU must be paid to overcome the hard-infrastructural and educational gap by enhancing Logistics Management competences in partner countries.  The real needs will be identified and communicated national Transport Ministries in KZ and RU for the future competence building on national level especially in eco-, „green“, sustainable and efficient transport modes


Regional impact level

             Enhanced Inter-regional cooperation of participating regions on academic, political and business level in fields of global transport management and potential, efficiency and ecological aspects of the Trans-European Transport Corridor. (Continuing targeted and academic cooperation basis laid by ERDF projects: EWTC-2, TransBaltic, Transport Cluster as well as utilizing results from TEMPUS projects). Improved required educational frame-conditions in field of Logistics Management will in long-term perspective contribute also to regional development of participating regions.


Institutional impact level

              Improved international capacity and innovation potential of participating Universities in KZ and RU by bringing academic content in Partner Universities in Logistics Management to the EU standards and according to Bologna process by development and implementation of Master Programme "Green Logistics Management" in partner Universities in Kazakhstan and Russia by Sept 2017 and targeted promoting cooperation of the universities via dual diploma studies and guidelines for international programme acceptance.